YS / NYWC day #3 :: 2.0

[ i am going to start off with a side note :: i have noticed that there are a decent amount of errors in many of my post. GIVE ME A BREAK, i am posting from my iPhone! Thanks ]  So... day three was really good. for a few reasons. 

#1. Got to hang with some great people.  Andy and i had lunch (there is pic of andy in the previous post) Got to have coffee with Scott Kraemer, an old friend who is a new youth pastor! Sat in the session and chatted a big w/Blake Brodien, another old friend! Ran into MarkO, thanked for the free ticket and had a nice little chat! Went out for coffee w/Steve Carter and a friend of his after the session. Haven't really got to hang with Steve since the Isn't She Beautiful conference at Mars Hill. Really good to connect with him.

So yea, it was a really solid day of connecting with some good folk!

THEN! I went my first seminar, which i mentioned in the previous post. Toppic // The Dark Night of the Soul It was REALLY good and exactly what i needed to hear. I talked with Mark afterwards and we decided the crisis is often the catalyst for the dark night. I'm there. Here are a few things he had to say...

// Mother Teresa says she spent 36 years in this place, the dark night of the soul.   She realized in experiencing the Dark Night she was experiencing the darkness of the cross. She was participating in the cross of Christ! // Some characteristics of the Dark Night... :: This is not a tragedy :: Not darkness like evil or something bad :: It is the time when God goes silent :: When your prayers are dry :: there can be much pain during this time :: loneliness :: confused (how do i get got back) :: loss of words :: Old habits don't satisfy :: You can't seem to get rid of your faith during this time. // In the Dark Night God is stretching us into new forms of knowing. // He is dismantling our way of spirituality / our rule of life. // Through the Dark Night God is trying to liberate us! // God invites us into the Dark Night (but i am not sure we have a choice sometimes).

He gave us 3 sources to read, #1. Come be my light; Mother Tersa #2. Dark Night of the Sould; it's a book, not sure the author. #3. John of the Cross; he coined the term and mark said he is REALLY hard to read. I'm in!

I waited in line to talk to mark afterwards, I HATE waiting in line to talk to people! But i did and we had a good chat. Mark is going to help me find a spiritual director in Nashville. Pretty stoked about that.

GOOD DAY! (my favorite of the conference so far)

One day left, stay tuned.