YS / NYWC DAY #2 :: 4.0

Listening to Fransic Collins. He's the head dude of the human genome project, a scientist, doctor, and really smart dude! He is saying alot of things that are like "what"! But he's telling his story of faith and it's really solid! He's showing a interview of him on the Steven Cobert show. Pretty fun!

He's also quoting CS Lewis a lot. Solid.

I am now interested in reading his book.

He's now talking about evolution :: (he just prefaced his word by "your not all gonna luke this.")

Human cromazone 2 :: why we are different than chips. (I didn't get what he said. Yea)

"evolution is just the answer to how God did creation not why." Interesting.

He said a lot more. What do you think about this guy. I think I like him!

He's ending by playing the guitar and singing a guitar. Yes the scientist!