Youth Specialties // National Youth Workers Convention

Well I am bloggen from the YS / National Youth Workers Convention this week Or at least I will try and blog form the NYWC. I trying to get on my wordpress app from the conference center but my phone what having some difficulties. We’ll try again tomorrow. But yea, MarkO (Mark Oestreicher) gave me a free pass to come and check it out and hang out so I am there just hanging out! It’s pretty cool deal, they put on a great conference. And i am super thankful for the opportunity to be apart of it. I needed some time around some peoples just worshiping and soaking it all it. My soul needs it! It will probably need a bit more, even after the weekend!

So yea, i am going to try and do some blogging via my iPhone Wordpress app this weekend, if i can get it to work. But for tonight i will give you a little overview....


Francis Chan :: STUD! He was really really good. He embodies how i desire to live and preach. He is transparent and just preaching the scripture, not holding anything back. I so appreciate that! He is real! I am not sure you can say that for a ton of preachers. I hope to be able to say that about myself.

I actually ran into Francis after the session and chatten with him as he was walking to his room so that he could catch a flight. We just chit chatted, he was in the zone still i think. Not real talkative. But he did tell me Carlsbad (my previous home) is his favorite California city. Cool.

Anyway, love it! Very challenging!

Shane Claiborne :: Radical. i know he wants to be addressed as a normal Christian or something like that... BUT HE"S NOT!!! And it's a good thing! He's also a stud with just some great thoughts on Kingdom living. i think he's a prophet. Prophets were (and i might say still are) peculiar people who preached the CHALLENGING words of God. I think Shane is that for my generation!

The GAY guy :: he wasn't actually gay but he spoke about the Gay community, the LGBT community. Said some really good stuff, quoted Billy Grahm, "God judges, the Holy Spirit convicts, I love." I say amen! We need to be having this dialog that teaches us how to love and reach gay community. He's said some very positive things to further that dialog.

Tony Campolo :: Another prophet who just speaks truth (who is Jesus)! It's like Jesus just comes out of that mans mouth and slaps you in the face. SO GOOD! He spoke about our 401K's or now, as he said our 201k's and how we need to learn to give away our life and our stuff, our security. really fresh to hear that from an older guy who isn't some dred lock wearing, radical. (no offense shane). But yea, just solid.

He also talked about how this life of following Christ gets exponentially more difficult when you get married. AMEN! but maybe that's not a bad thing. I don't think it is! at all!!!

:: those are a few high lights from day one!