Thanksgiving // Hulu...

[ to start off this post i need to say i bailed on my last youth specialties / NYWC post. I got busy running around and what-not and my last post kinda got buried! But Marko spoke and it was really good. I had a great weekend, maybe i will unload / debrief sometime this week. ] But for now it's thanksgiving and HULU!

Andrea and I have come out to some friends lake house for thanksgiving. We got here on Tuesday and will leave either tonight or tomorrow. Just spending a lot of time watching TV, eating and playing on the computer. A great relaxing week with a beautiful lake view, love it!

And then their is HULU! i have been hearing about hulu for awhile now. It's kinda the equivalent of joost, which i tried really hard to get a beta invite to and when i finally did i realized i needed a newer mac for it to work. Blaaaa... so i gave up on the whole TV on my computer action other than the network website.

So i have 3 show that i watch on-line :: #1. LOST #2. Hero's #3. The Sarah Connor Chronicles. (but i am not religious about this one)

That's about all i can handle since about 35% of the time it's hard to watch, there are jumps in the action, all that fun stuff. BUT now there is HULU!

Like i said, i have been hearing about this for awhile but never really tried it out. But this weekend i have totally caught up on this current season of the Office on HULU! It's been the best on-line view experience that i have ever had! The internet isn't even that great out here at the lake and i have been able to watch the Office, full-screen with no glitches, it's been great!

So you should check that out!