Music Monday 9.0 // Sightings :: Jonny Lang

Well i live in Nashville TN these and often i have sighting of famous music peoples. FOR EXAMPLE :: today i am sitting in one of my favorite little coffee shops, Portland Brew on 12th Ave. and in comes Jonny Lang. Not sure if you know about Jonny Lang or have listened to his stuff much but he's good, real good! So, on my twitter i posted the fact that i had seen jonny lang but didn't want to be "that guy" so i didn't say hi. Well when i post on twitter is also posts on my facebook line. And i got a few responses.

So it begs the question :: Do you say hi? OR Do you leave the famous people alone? My philosophy has been to leave the famous people alone. I just don't want to be that guy who bugs the famous person while they are trying to have a nice quite day or something.

So what would you do? So far everybody on facebook has said, "Be that guy, say hi."


Well since i saw Jonny Lang today in Nashville he is my music monday artist. I really LOVE his stuff. He probably has one of the best voices i have ever heard. he's a sold Christian guy, so i hear. When i lived in Vail Colorado i would hear his song Red Light all the time on the radio. So i finally hunted down who sang it and have been a fan ever since. On his most recent record he has a song called Just a Man, GOOD!

// Here are some links His official website His myspace You can wiki jonny lang and learn a thing or two

And here is a good youtube video and a link to the audio of Only A Man (great song) Only a Man

Here is a youtube link, all the embedded deals are disabled.