Music Monday 8.0 // Paper Route

I thought since I am in Nashville these days I would share some Nashville music with you all, at least for the next few weeks.

This weeks Music Monday’s featured band I first heard about through friends here in Nashville and then I saw them live and was blown away! I have been listening to them regularly ever since. I recently got their newest EP and can’t get the tunes out of my head. Above is a little cool intro of them. I liked it, so i posted it! Below are more of their youtube videos. They have a lot of good stuff on their.

They have a song called you You Kill me that, well… kills me! It’s so good! It’s been on repeat today even. I’m gonna post a youtube video of it below, it’s not quite as good as the album version is but it gives you a small taste of their live show. Which is amazing. They might be one of the better live shows i have ever seen.

They also did this little 8 min video with a friend of mine. The video is pretty good and got a lot of good buzz so check it out. But for sure pick up their most recent album, it’s really good.


8 min