job hunting...

Well ministry is pretty slow these days. (if your new i have been a traveling speaker guy for the last 5-7 years and loved every minute of it! but for LOTS of reason that gig has slowed down, a lot! So i am job hunting. I guess in a lot of ways i am not alone. I heard Citi Bank laid off 50,000 people or something like that. CRAZY!

So i am running around town, applying for job at restaurants, coffee shops, etc. I haven't done this in about 5 years so it's weird! And an unpleasant experience to say the least. I've got a few "leads" so if you're the praying type here's what you can pray for :: pray that i get a job that is flexible so that i can travel and speak when the doors open. Pray that i get a job that is some type of  ministry, i would way rather do ministry than wait tables. And pray that it pay $100,000 a year. WHY NOT! I can pray and dream right!

So yea, that is my life these days. I am doing some writing for a marketing company. It entails LOTS of blog reading. So i am pretty blogged out these days. That might be the reason for the lack of production on my own blog. But that gig ends in a couple weeks and i will be back, full steam, i hope!

Until then, to all my friends who also are looking for jobs and especially those of you who are trying to provide for your families and are finding yourself in tough spots in this crazy economy, my prayers are with you! Know that the God of our crazy world is beside you and that he is on your side and wanting to work his redemptive magic in the middle of all the crap that this world throws at us!

Amen! & Shalom Erik