fighting the routine but maybe not…

There are parts of life that needs a routine, a rhythm! But other parts of life suffer when life gets to routine, this is when we use the word monotonous. But the question I am asking is, how do I live in this tension?

When routine is a good thing we call it rhythm. When routine is a bad things we call it monotonous.

So currently I am fighting to find routine and leave behind routine.

In my spiritual life I could use some rhythm. Life has been crazy, I’m getting settled into a new town, and I feel pretty off balance with life in general. None of this aids my spiritual life. I need some rhythm.

In my marriage I am trying to fight the monotonous activity that is all to easy to embrace. I am finding -- I’ve only been married 7 months so I know very little -- but I am finding that marriage needs a little “spice”. You can't just wake up do your own thing all day, come home, have dinner, watch friends, do more work… bla bla bla and then wake up the next day and do it again. It become unsatisfying awful quick. Newness and creativity need to be stirred into marriage regularly, you might say routinely (but that would just be confusing). But this is hard, so I am learning.

BUT at the same time your married life needs to fine some rhythm as well.

The beauty and disaster of routine. And learning to live in the tension.

Any wisdom to impart? I would love to hear.

Grace and peace Erik