Books that make you think...

A good friend of mine asked me to give him some good book recommendations. But he wanted some books that would stretch his thinking and rattle his cage a bit.

Here is the list i gave him but what books would you add to this list? That's what i want to know!

#1a. The Politics of Jesus :: John Howard Yoder #1b. The Original Revolution :: John Howard Yoder

#2. Torture and Eucharist :: William Cavanaugh

#3. Resident Aliens :: Stanely Hauerwas & Will Willimon

#4. For the Life of the Wolrd :: Alexander Schmemann

#5. Jesus Christ for Todays World :: Jurgen Moltmann


So now i want to hear what books you would add to this list. What books have stretched you? Earth shattering, philosophy changing kinda book.


Be Peace