So much to tell so few to listen...

Well i have a dozen blogs that are brewing. I am sure not many of you will want to listen to my ramblings of a 60 hr road trip, my most recent movie experiences, my music monday catch ups, or my most recent wedding experiences. But i don't care! The beauty of the blog... i am going to tell you anyway!!! I am still trying to get settled into my apartment with my wife! Comcast came today, i have 10 more channels on cable than i have had in the past 3 years. I also have my very own wireless internet signal. I couldn't think of a clever network title so i went with Willitsfamilywireless. If you have a better one do share, it might make into the airwaves.

I am also preparing for a retreat that i am speaking at this weekend, excited about that for sure. I'll definitely share about that next week. And i am doing some other free :: freelance writing and whatnot. Kinda interesting. Whatever pays the bills.

So yea, we'll catch up here soon!

Be peace Erik