Music Monday 7.0 // Nashville :: Josh Rouse

NASHVILLE!!! I have lived in California for the past 2+ years but before that I live in Nashville! I loved Nashville and have missed her ever since I moved to California. Now of course, California, specifically Southern California had some perk, mainly The Beach! But I missed Nashville. About 2 weeks ago as I was in a truck I pop this CD in for a very particular purpose. That purpose was that I was getting close. I could almost see it, I could almost hear it, I could almost feel it on the horizon. What you ask… NASHVILLE!




I have previously announced on my blog but I thought I would drop the note here on Music Monday to make it offical. I am in Nashville and this is just about the most perfect Nashville CD I could think of.

Josh Rouse is a great artist, writes amazing song and he too used to live in Nashville. Until he met some hot Spanish number and moved to Spain (how cool is that). This CD, entitled Nashville was his going about present to the city he had lived in for many years.

Nashville actually isn’t my favorite CD of his but it’s a close second. If you have never listen to Josh pick up 1972, LOVE IT! But really any of his stuff will do, he’s good!

He also has some tunes he put together with his girlfriend / baby’s momma. It’s called, She’s Spanish, I’m American. Clever eh’.

Anyway, here are a few links you might enjoy!

Josh Rouse Myspace

Wiki Josh Rouse (in case you want to know some real info)

Not a lot of great youtube video there are some, check it out.

PS: Sorry this is getting posted a bit late. Gonna try and get on the ball here! Grrrrr