Greeting after a long road trip...

Well i have traveled half away around the world recently, from Carlsbad CA to Nashville TN. I did all this in a big rig. Well not that big, just a large moving truck towing my wife car and packed down with everything my my owns. I had a few things as well.  But we have arrived in Nashville TN and we are now on a another mission :: Apartment hunting! Not the funnest mission i have ever had and so far (after a sold 2 days) not the most successful mission i have ever been on. Tomorrow is Monday and we are praying to the Lord in Heaven (yea, it's pretty serious) that we will find an apartment tomorrow. 

Things wouldn't be that as serious if we didn't leave town on Tuesday for another 9 hr road trip to Wisconsin. I am officiating a wedding my wife is in the wedding. The apartment needs to be found soon!!! 

So that's our story. We are stoked to be back in Nashville and can't wait to get setteled in! There are A TON of great coffee shops in Nashville which means TONS of great blogging ahead.