Awesome political emails...

Do you get those emails? You know, the ones about “the truth behind the man” or “did you know…” etc. These emails always reveal the deepest, darkest secrets about one political candidate, his (apparently Arabic) name will go unmentioned. The latest one starts off with, “DOESN'T ANYONE CARE ABOUT WHO THIS [previously unnamed] FELLOW IS?” And then goes on to list a slew of unpleasant facts about said anonymous candidate.

The hard part for me is that many of these emails come from people who I love dearly! Whom I would trust my life to, literally! But every time I get a forwarded email I always think in my head, “what now.”

I have a couple questions…

#1. If half of this stuff was really true don’t you think it would be ALL over the news and widely publicized? Do you really think some of the more negative, slanderous, incriminating information we have one these candidates is going to be most effectively spread via mass forwarded emails? Really??? If it was half true the opposing candidate would be using it in his / her sweet commercials. I mean, REALLY???

#2. Not that number one wasn’t poignant enough but I also wonder why it’s only a conservative, primarily republican, religious constituency that ends up sending out these emails. Maybe those are just the people I know? But I have never received an email from a democrat bashing the war mongering republican candidate -- or however they would bash him or her. That seems fishy to me.

#2b. Doesn’t it seem like Christians should be the last ones to pass around, via email or any other way, primarily unsubstantiated claims about any person, whether a political candidate or not? I mean really, how many people that send those forwarded emails actually go through the hard work of doing research to prove even a 10th of the information they are spreading in these emails? It just doesn’t seem very… ummm… what’s the word I’m looking for??? Jesus like? The whole rumors thing, I think can apply to emails in our culture.

I think as Christian we need to stop voting on 2 or 3 issues. We need to take the whole picture into consideration. We need to pay attention to all the issues. We need to remember that God is not a republican or a democrat (I once heard a very old, conservative Nazarene pastor say that… I was impressed and I think it’s true). And i think we should approach this whole conversation like Jesus would, with wide open ears and hearts looking to be on the side those who voices are not heard, those who are being pushed to the edges of our society, and those who are labeled the poor and oppressed. I think God / Jesus would vote with these people in mind. He seemed to vote this way in the bible.

I honestly don’t know who I will vote for but I have watched the conversations both candidates had with Rick Warren and I plan on listening to a debate or two, probably doing a little reading as well and then voting, not according to color (red or blue that is) but according to my informed, Jesus following heart and mind.

Just some thoughts Erik

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