A day of church & some God time…

So, despite my disinterest in church I want to go. I know, that almost makes sense. Almost! The thing is, I just want to find a community of people I can connect with, that I can serve, that I grow with, that I can simply share life with. The best place I know to find that kind of intentional community is at a church building that probably meets at some point on a Sunday. So I went to church today, twice!

Church #1. St. Bartholomew's [ Episcopal / Anglican ] Church I actually know some people that participate in this community and I have heard good thing so Andrea and I thought we would try it. I really did enjoy it, the homily was great and the service had such a great life to it. Not just your sing, announcements, sing a bit more, sermon, your dismissed deal. It actually had a life, a liturgy if you will. I really enjoyed that. BUT at the same time high church liturgy is so different that what I am accustomed to, I am definitely not completely comfortable with it. The question is, could I be? Hmmm… not sure. I just like the idea of coming as you are (which this church does. Lots of jeans here) but when the minister is in a robe there is a barrier put up I feel. I really like the idea of a pastor being just another dude or dude-et who happens to be leading the congregation in a spiritual journey. The robes throw me off I think.

Church #2. The Villiage Chapel [ Non-denominational / Calvary Chapel style ] I went to this church often on Sunday nights when I live in Nashville before. I really enjoy it. The pastor is solid and preaches primarily verse by verse. I like that focus on the bible despite the fact I don’t think the bible is meant to be preached verse by verse all the time. The worship is laid back and not showy AT ALL. I really like that. The worship team actually sits off to the side, always sits and it’s kidna acoustic, singer / song writer style, pretty chill. BUT there is no life to the service. It’s just wam - bam - thank you God. Sing / announcement / sing / preach / goodbye. No real liturgy to be had.

So the bottom line is that I liked both churches. Something more about one and other things more about the other.

MY FREAR :: am I becoming a church shopper?

[ long pause --- NOOOOOOOO!!! ]

But how do you find the right community if you don’t “shop a big? I have decided to go to a few churches, mostly one I have been recommended or heard about some way. We (my wife and i) will go and instead of shopping for a long period of time and then “feeling” it out our plan is to just pick up and plug in and poor ourselves out. So we have a few more we have either been invited to or want to try… we’ll see where we end up. I am praying we find a community that just fits! Not sure we have yet.

I am sure I will post more of this conversation over at community planting sometime soon.

Live Love Erik