Wondering about "revolution"

Well the title of this blog is "Revolutionary Thoughts". We all know the term revolution has become as cliche as anything but underneath the layers of crap and false notions and domesticated definitions there is something that is real, something that is truly definitavely revolution :: but do we know what that is? Have we ever seen it in our life time? Is anyone really living it? Does anyone really even know what it is? Have i ever really thought or shared a truly REVOLUTIONARY thought on this blog? 

Just thinking...

I updated my self today.  (The Self is a page on this blog where i periodically post books and things that i am reading or watching or whatever. The tab for it is above on the right.)

The above thoughts are prompted by a book i just started reading this week. The book is Death of a Revolutionary; Che Guevara's Last Mission.

When you begin to read about a real deal revolutionary you begin to ask some of these questions or at least i have. 

This is the second book I have read about Ernesto “Che” Guevara and I have also read one book by him. Along with watching a few movies that tell parts of his story.

 I became interested in Che, as he is usually referred to because I haven’t ran across anyone so commonly know as a revolutionary as he. Everyone just assumes that Ernesto Che Guevara was a revolutionary, and it’s true, he was the epitome of Revolution and of a revolutionary. I was, i am intrigued.

When i am done with this book i will share some of my thoughts. This has been the most informative and intersting of the book on him that i have read to-date. I look forward to sharing some thoughts soon. 

Peace through revolution Erik