Productivity 2.0

I haven’t gotten any response to my first productivity post where I asked the question :: what is the key to being productive? BUT I think I might have idea to one of the many “keys” to productivity :: GOALS. Honestly, I hate setting goals cause I know 73.57% of the time I am going to miss the mark or to state it a bit more palpably, I’m going to fail / fall on my face only to have this nice little goal standing above me taunting me and rubbing in the already sore feeling of failure.

With that said, I set a goal this week to spur on my productivity. My goal, watch less TV and read more. The actually goal is to read 500 pages this week. That’s a lot of reading for a week, at least for me. I typically read 100 - 200 pages a week. That’s probably a fair average but I lacked productivity in such a stellar way last week that I am trying to make up for it and push myself a bit. I’ll let you know how I do.

Once again :: share some of your keys to a productive life. I would love to hear.