Music Monday 6.0 // The Daylights

I heard of The Daylights long before I actually heard The Daylights. These guys live in L.A. but before their move to L.A. were apart of Nashville’s music and social scene. When I moved to Nashville just about all the people I wound up friends with were good friends with Ricky and Rand Jackson, the brothers who make up 2/3 of The Daylights. These two guys were actually in the bible study I was in but they left for L.A. just before I arrived in Nashville.

So after hearing about these guys for so long I finally picked up their first EP, Shift and Blur and loved it! I still keep the CD in my car and listen to it frequently.

Their song Outsider is a great radio hit that hasn’t quite made it onto the radio yet. But my favorite song of theirs is If Words Were Bullets, it’s not quite as epic at Outsiders but I just love the lyrical content, it’s just stellar!

They are the topic of this weeks Music Monday because I just got a hold of their most recent EP Sans Radio. It really good, I don’t think I like it as much as Shift and Blur but it’s still really really good.

The word on the street awhile back was that these guys signed a record deal with Columbia (I think) but they were kinda buried by some other stuff Columbia was putting out. Nashville Rumors… I’m not sure about their signature status but I do know this little 4 song EP just came out not to long ago and it’s worth the purchase. But buy shift and blur first, it’s GOOD!

And keep track of their myspace. These guys put news songs up ALL the time. It's always cool to hear stuff before it hits the streets, these guys let you do it! 

And if you want to go hunting, these guys were apart of a worship album that was made a few years back. Not quite rock & roll but it's interesting to me to know guys like this have done stuff like that. The name of the worship album is The Worship Room.