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Well it's been a bit since i have seriously blogged. I could ramble off my many excuses but instead i will just share a few things that have been going on in my life over the last 3 weeks (my missing weeks) WEEK #1 :: September 8th - 13thish

Really NOTHING! This was a slow depressing week to be honest. I hid out in my apartment and watching TV shows on DVD while my wife was at world. That's my honest answer.

I did have a lunch engagement with Mark Oestreicher, the president of youth specialties on friday the 12th. We have a great lunch, talked about his black toe nail polish, my current ministry situation or lack of situation and life. It was a good lunch, Mark seems to be a pretty legit guy. I enjoyed our lunch and i hope some ministry partnership happen down the road. I say that not cause it's "Youth Specialties" but because Mark was a cool guy.

And last but not least one of my best friends in the universe came for a visit with his pops. Rende and Rende Sr. A.K.A. Big R showed up in town! Big R stayed for the weekend and we had an amazing time! Some which i will choose to leave out of this report  ;-) But it was a good time for sure!!!

WEEK #2 :: September 14th - 21st

I am calling this my STAYcation! instead of leaving on Vacation, i live in San Diego (for now) so i stayed and vacationed all the same. My buddy Rende stayed the entire week with me and we hit up the beach, we bummed around town, i even got him to ride some beach cruisers with me! Lot's of food, lot''s of great conversations, and LOTS of Chill! I needed that!!!

My wife even left on Wednesday the 17th so for 5 days it was just the boys. GOOD TIMES!

I did however miss my wife greatly so on the 20th i dropped Rendizzle off in LA and then on the 21st i picked my lovely wife up from the Airport! It's amazing to have her home!!! I even cleaned for her.

WEEK #3 :: NOW

We are living week number 3 and since we are moving on Monday, you heard right, Monday the 29th or the 30th we are leaving (i wish on a jet plane) in a Penske truck for Nashville TN. We have a share of preparing to do.

SO that's my story!

LIFE is moving fast and getting sunnier every day!!!

Can't wait to hit the sunny rolling hills of Nashville. i am missed her for years.