Rob Bell / Don Golden // New Book...

Well Rob Bell is coming out with his 3rd book. This time he is co-authoring it with Don Golden. It doesn't come out until October but i got ahold of an advanced reader copy, thanks to a "special" friend of mine! 

The book looks pretty good but if you listen Mars Hill messages much you might have already heard most of what is wirtten. I haven't started it yet but the title of the book is; Jesus Wants To Save Christians: A Manifesto for the Church in Exile.  Rob preached a teaching series entitled Jesus want to save Christians (you can find this series here), i am expecting a lot of that material to be in the book. It also looks like they go through the New Exodus series they did at the church as well. Rob Bell and Don Golden did that series together, hence the partnership on the book i'm guessing. 

So a lot of it will probably be stuff i  have heard but i am looking forward to reading anyway, for sure.  Here is a link to the amazon page so you pre-order it if you want. 

Shalom Erik