Music Monday 5.1 // The Dream…

So, probably about a week or two ago I had this dream and I can’t stop thinking about it!!! That’s weird for a couple reasons… #1.) I DON”T DREAM! Like I dream: Someday I want to do this or that but literally dreaming… I don’t really do that much. At least I don’t remember the dreams I do have 99% of the time. When I do remember a dream most of the time I don’t want to. #2.) I can’t stop thinking about it. This dream pops in my head pretty regularly these days, especially every time I pick up my guitar.


Palms are sweaty, guitar feels heavy, lights are as bright as a shooting star that just isn’t fading but about as annoying at that little kid at camp who keeps pointing the flash light directly into your eyes. There is an excitement in the air kinda like you feel when you think about the apartment pool that you could swim in all day long on a hot summer day with pretty girls all around the edge, one in particular. But there’s also a tension on the stage that’s so intense your just sure it’s gonna snap like a rubber band waiting to leave a nice red welt because you pulled or pushed to hard.

Just as my head is about to explode because I haven’t taken a breath in about the 5 minutes because that I have been standing on stage tuning my guitar with light blaring Chris walks up and takes the mic, introduction me as the opening band. I blink my eyes and realize this is really happening (in my dream), Chris is the one and only Chris Martin and I am opening up for COLD PLAY.

For some reason I know that I signed up for some raffle type drawing and got picked out of the millions that also signed up. I don't know my band but in the dream it feels like they are friends and this is our first show! Yea, we are opening for COLD PLAY. I play 5 original tunes and I kill it!!! The crowd loves it, they love me and Chris loves it! He’s loves it so much that he comes out on stage as everybody is hooping and hollering and says, “We’re gonna take a break but before we come out (we being COLD PLAY) I want Erik and his crew to play one more song right before we come out to set the stage.” During the break I run to my bag and grab my old beaten up folder but all that is in it are worship songs. I think, “I can’t play a worship song at a COLD PLAY concert. I’ve got nothing!" I begin to freak out! Finally, I’m up! I gingerly walk up to the microphone, thank Chris and COLD PLAY for letting us open for them and begin to play a 100 Portraits / Water Deep song. After the first verse I begin to forget the chords and then the rest of the music also begins to fade like the sand in a little hour glass but at the end I’m not going to have lost a game I am going to have blown my only shot, I’m going to have made a fool of myself as the opening act for COLD PLAY.

The venue is fairly small, it’s feels famous, maybe the Ryman or a House of Blues somewhere cool. The crowd freezes just like I do and then I walk off stage. COLD PLAY rushes on stage and just starts playing. Then I wake up!!!

Now that’s a nightmare!

I have been thinking ever since i had this dream / nightmare about all the crappy songs I have written and what I would do if I got such an opportunity. I’m not going to tell you but know, I have a gameplan and if COLD PLAY every comes calling i will be ready, hopefully.

What's your craziest dream? DO SHARE!!!

Dreaming / Nightmaring