Music Monday 5.0 // Laurianne Cates

Well I was going to tell you all about Bon Iver today (his stuff is stellar, you should check him out) but then I ran across an old friend of mine, THE Laurianne Cates. She released an EP last month entitled Something Real and it’s for real! For really good that is. Laurianne or LA as some people call her (I thought that was her real name for like a month when I lived in Nashville) is a great song writer and those skills shine on this little 5 song EP.

Everything Right is that song that when you hear the chorus you just can’t help but to sing along. I went to a show Laurianne did at Christopher’s Pizza in Nashville and I just remember when she hit that Chorus for the second time the whole place was singing along. It’s always cool when a song kinda sucks the entire crowd in and you can look around and everybody is singing. I think if I were a musician (I wish) that is how I would know I wrote a good tune.

And I remember sitting in her living room with a bunch of friends. She had just written the song Louder. I was asking some questions about song writing, being a wanna be song writer. I remember Laurianne being very gracious and grabbing her guitar, she started playing this song, explaining to me the build, the hook, the chorus structure and some of that other musician stuff. I remember it as a very cool experience from my Nashville days.

She kinda has the genes for this whole singer / songwriter thing. Her brother Chad, is also a song writer. He has written on tons of Christian stuff that you probably have heard. Bebo Norman, Casting Crown, and more. Chad was in my bible study in Nashville, I miss those days. Her brother Jesse is also a songwriter based in LA. He has written some tunes for the Back Street Boys and other stuff like that. SO yea, it’s in the genes.

You can grab Laurianne’s EP on iTunes or on eMusic. Wherever you get it just make sure you get it. You’ll enjoy it, promise!

Here is her Myspace link, you can preview some of her tunes before you go BUY IT! And if you can somehow get ahold of her old EP, DO IT. It’s also really good. Songs like Anybody and my favorite, Back in June are really good as well.

Here is a link to an interview she did with her church. She answers some question about the music bizz and talks a bit about her heart. Good stuff!