Music Monday 4.0 // Griffin House

Today’s music Monday features probably my favorite musician, Griffin House. I read a review that compared Griffin to a mix of Dylan & Bono. I ‘m not sure about all that, that’s a lot to live up to, but I am sure that his music is great.





// Story… I first ran into Griffin when a friend of mine told me that she had a musician friend who she went to school with at Miami of Ohio and that I just had to check out his stuff. I was skeptical so I didn’t bother until she finally burned me mix CD with a couple of his tunes on it. I didn’t really listen to it much, here and there and it was solid but his stuff didn’t really suck me in. Fast forward a year or so… After having developed a minor crush on said girl I ran across this musician friend of hers, Griffin House, in Best Buy. I thought it was interesting that his CD was for sale at Best Buy so I picked it up. It was his CD entitled Lost and Found, I couldn’t stop listening to it! I still listen to it all the time actually, I'm listening to it right now!. It wasn’t to long after I picked up the CD that Griffin was opening for Over the Rhine (another great band) in Chicago. I happened to be at home in Freeport, IL that weekend and found out that this girl was in Chicago and would be attending the show. It was official, I was going!

The short story is… I got tickets to the later of 2 shows, she had tickets to the earlier of the shows. Come to find out Griffin was interested in the same girl. I didn’t have a chance. I hung out with the girl after the show, which is where I met Griffin for the first time. She assured me she wasn’t interested in him. They later went to date or something. I don't know the whole story but i think it included a ring???

Anyway, that’s my Griffin House story. After I moved to Nashville I found out a lot of the people I became friends with were also friends with Griffin. Some of my friends out here in California also know him from College. It’s a small world!

But you should check out his stuff, it’s really really good! His most recent CD is Flying Upside Down. It’s a great CD, songs like I Remember and The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out of His Mind are classics!

My favorite CD of his is still Lost & Found. It’s simple, classic, and great. Probably my favorite of all his songs is the song Liberty Line which is on this CD. But songs like Amsterdam, New Day, Waterfall, Tell Me a Lie… all so good.

Liberty Line (Click to listen to audio)



Another interesting and thought provoking song by Griffin is the song Judas. It’s on his first CD Upland but it talks about the fact that someone had to be Judas. I know Griffin is a spiritual guy, I think he’s a Christian. Last time I talked to him at the coffee shop he was reading The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey. But yea, this is also a good song.

Here is a little youtube action as wells as his myspace link, check it out! 

Griffin House Myspace