Music Monday 3.0 // Jon Foreman

Here is an artist that you probably all know and love, Jon Foreman — lead singer for the band Switchfoot. And I think most everybody is aware that he is doing some solo stuff these day. If your not, you are now and you should know his stuff is amazing!

So recently Jon came out with 4 EP’s entitled; Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. I believe they were released at fitting times over the last year. And did I mention they are amazing!

Jon does the broken down, more acoustic feel on these EP’s but they are just really solid. Many to most of the lyrics come right from the scripture and give tons of insight and encouragement.

I have a few favorites but topping the list would probably be the song Your Love Is Strong. It’s the Lord’s prayer with some legs. It rips my face off every time I listen to it, I love it!

Your Love is Strong (click on this link to listen to the song // enjoy)   A few other favorites would be; White at snow, The cure for pain, Learning to Die, Deep in your eyes… among others.

Story // I live in Southern California, the home of Jon Foreman and Swithfoot. I found out soon after I moved here and started attending North Coast Calvary Chapel that the pastor Mark Foreman was the father of Jon and Tim Foreman, 2 of the guys who play in Switchfoot. I though that was cool but it became real cool when the whole band came and did an acoustic show at Church a few weeks ago, it was a great show and Jon played Your Love is Strong for the encore, loved it! A little pirk of having a rockstar pastor with rockstar kids!

Fact // I was talking to Joy Williams at a deal a while back and she was telling me the Jon Foreman writes a song a day. To keep his art fresh and tools sharp. That’s pretty prolific. I would love to hear some of that stuff.

Well if you want to watch some youtube action on Jon Foreman just do a search with him name. There is TONS of stuff out there.