A little art...

Well i will admit it, i am a wanna be! A wanna be artist / designer / photographer. I enjoy doing all of the above but really i just play around. I enjoy it but wish i was better at it all! Maybe some day.  Well the other night i designed this little logo for my lovely wife! (it was my first logo) She is pretty amazing but don't take it from me, read her blog, it's great! She is working on her resume these days and wanted to have a snazzy little logo to go with it. I made this for her...

I thought it turned out pretty solid! I wish the W in Willits looked cooler but there is only so much i can do with fonts. And without really know ANYTHING about photoshop. 

But if you need a writer with a stellar resume and fairly nice logo contact the lovely Andrea Bailey-Willits! She is always wanting to do freelance and if you offered her the right job you might even be able to steel her from Outreach Magazine! ;-)

// Some of my other art...

I designed the blog for Brad Goode. It's probably the only thing i have ever been paid to design. And really Brad didn't want to bother with the setup so he tossed 20 bucks at me and said go for it. But non the less it's my design. 

I have also designed a ton of sermon background slides. I have some of them posted on my VIRB account. Check em' out. They are all under the category "sermon art".

You can also see some of my photography on my VIRB (the link above). But more of it can be seen on my flickr account. I am by NO means a real photographer. I have some friends who are (you should check out their sites: Jeremy Cowart, Sam Wells, Micah Kandros, Caleb Kuhl). These are all friends of mine who are real photographers, PROS! I just mess around. But it's fun! 

Anyway, i think that is all the art i have for you. I actually have a website with some of my poetry on it as well (yes, i did say poetry). But i am not releasing that info at this time. It's pretty poor and mildly embarrassing. ;-)  maybe someday. 

Got any art you want to share?  I would love to see it! 

Peace and art, Erik