A depressing, yet contemplative movie day…

In the last day or so I have watched 3 movies, all three pretty heavy and heart wrenching. I might have even shed some tears but I’m admitting that to you! // Grace is Gone A John Cusack flick (Cusack is probably my favorite actors so I might have a little bias). The film is about a father who finds out his wife has died “in the line of duty”. The movie shows his struggle to figure out how to tell his two young daughters that their mother is dead. The film makes sure to highlight crosses on the walls of a strong moral family. This obviously coincides with a strong allegiance to country. For a practicing Jesus following pacifist this is a bit frustrating but a stereotype that is all too true. The film shows another side of the war conversation that makes you think, “Maybe it’s not worth it after all”. It was a pretty slow movie, Cusack did a great job in a different kind of role for him. It was pretty thought provoking and in general a pretty sad but solid movie.

// The God Grew Tired of Us This was a documentary that followed a few young men and told their story. The young men have been labeled the lost boys of Sudan. I think their story is pretty well known these days but this movie really focuses on a couple groups of these young men who are chosen to be moved to the United States and given opportunity for education and career. The title of movie comes from an interview with one of the boys who tells about his friends and family being slaughtered by the government and in an attempt to flee many more were killed by crocodiles, hyenas and lions. Not to mentioned those that died from fatigue and starvation. In the interview the young man simply says that he just figured that God had grown tired of them. Tell me that doesn’t wrench your heart and make you think and ask some pretty big questions about justice and the role God and his people are to play in these kind of matters. I know it prompted me to think and also helped me to put some things into perspective.

// The Namesake This movie followed an Indian family that had moved to the United States. The struggle to adapt to a new land yet hold on to some old traditions is really interesting dynamic. I am really fascinated by other cultures and just realizing that they are so different than ours, so family oriented and carrying a name and a tradition means everything. This really opens your eyes to our American individualism and lack of authentic family community. Even families that are tight here don’t hold a candle to the ways that other cultures live out the value of family and community. This was a really good movie, a bit depressing but once again thought provoking and really good.

So those are my recent movie views and a few words. Hopefully next time I will have some happy movies to tell you about.