Wedding pictures... finally!

Well i finally uploaded A TON of wedding pictures to my flickr account. It has taken me forever, i know i know... but when you have like 2500 pictures to sift through it's hard. Get off my back  ;-)  But i set up 3 little album deals;

#1. Wedding action: these are my 200 or so of my favorite pictures. We got a ton of sweet shot, really captured our big day!

#2. Wedding action: (more // tweaked): These are like 100 pictures that our photographer (Josh Reeder // he did a great job!) edited for us. Some are the same as the other album, some are different. But they are all looking their best!

#3. The Boys: These are all the pictures of me and my guys. I had 9 groomsmen so yea there were a lot of us! But we got some great pictures. My men in black!!! Good times.

I think that's about it. Now that i got the pictures up it's time to start on the thank you notes!  :-/

Enjoy Erik