Trinitarian theology & The Shack…

Recently I have been prompted to think a bit more about Trinitarian theology. Just about every book I read in the latest class I took at NTS weaved in the importance of Trinitarian theology. My theology professor in my undergraduate classes was also pretty big on Trinitarian theology but it’s just been a renewed thought in my mind as I took this class entitled Missional Theology. Seriously, we all believe in the trinity right, partly it’s what makes us Christian. Our distinctive doctrine or something like that. But I wonder if we really believe in the trinity? Like believe in it in a way that prompts us to embrace it with our lives. But even as I write that I think, “What does that mean? How do you embrace the idea of the Trinity with your lives, with our living and breathing?”

Be honest, don’t you kinda think the same thing? Doesn’t most of the Christian Church think the same thing? Is the trinity anything more than a diagram or a complicated concept, albeit a very important complicated concept.

Now Jesus, he’s tangible, we can believe in him, we can FOLLOW him. For some us even the Holy Spirit; she is tangible and even audible. There are even a few of us who gravitate to God the Father for different reasons. But put them together and you get the trinity and who really embraces that in it’s totality? I’m not sure if any of us really do. Depending on your story or on your theological tradition you probably lean one way or the other (holy spirit, son, father) but God as trinity, do any of us really embrace I AM in that way? Do any of us really know how to? Hmmm….

THE SHACK I will probably post another thought or two about this book but in short this book fictionally depicts a tangible Trinitarian theology. In my opinion it’s a great book that shows what God might look like in the fullness of the trinity and how God might interact with God (trinitarily (?) speaking).

I give the Shack 3 thumbs up, yea, it’s that good, I had to borrow another thumb. I’m not a theologian by any means but there were quite a few theological points woven into the pages of this book that really resonated with me. These are the kind of these I will talk about later this week. But you should read it. I really think this is the kind of book that is good for the Christian soul. It helps to break down some of the prefabricated concepts of God and it works in some strong encouragement to relate to God and all of who he/she is as I AM, the trinity, the Son, Spirit, the Father.

It was good, I highly recommend it and I will be talking about it more later!

Grace, peace and good reading