The new digs!!!

The new blog is up!!! CHECK IT OUT! It's really freaken cool!

Revolutionary Thoughts // the new look

So yea, check out that new link and tell me how you like the new digs!

I will be posting the same, the same stuff... on both blogs for the next week or so before i cut ties with my typepad account forever. I am excited to be gaining $15 bones a months, straight cash homey... but i will also miss my typepad days. Typepad had been good to me but Wordpress is FREE!!!

ALSO! if you have a link to my blog on your bloggroll or on your website, i know there are a handful of you out there... if you could change that link that would be great!!!

You can change it to... (the new forwarding of this domain name might take a day or so but if you just use this URL it will work.) OR (this is the offical URL of my new blog)

So yea, the new blog is still under a bit of construction but it's up and i am posting!

Grace and peace Erik