Resolexodus // RE-exodus…

(a RE-post // originally posted January 4th, 2008) Well it’s the first of the year again and I am once again wanting a fresh exodus! This idea started last year, I was reading through the Torah, more specifically the 5 books of Moses right about the time when the new year came around. I began to think about this cycle God’s people have continually found themselves in, the cycle of exodus. We (God’s loves people) have constantly, since the beginning of humanity, have been trying to get free from our baggage and bondage. This desire for freedom from our “oppressors” is at it’s most blatant in the story of Moses and the Israelites, the story called the Exodus, a story many think is central to all of the scriptures.

Turning to the days that are ours I began to think about how millions of people write up “new years resolutions”. This practices makes me think people are still wanting an exodus, people are still wanting to be free from their baggage and bondage and they want to fully, freely live… it’s a resolexodus or even better / easier to say it, a “RE-exodus”. So instead of writing up a list of wishful thinking resolutions that I will surely fail at I have started the tradition of writing up a list of areas in my life where I want to experience freedom, asking the question, “in what ways do I want a ‘RE-exodus’ this year”.

Here are a few of mine but i would also be interested in a few of yours. Shoot me a little response action and let me know in what ways you are seeking God to lead you into freedom this New Year. I would love to hear.

My RE-EXODUS list… (just a few from my list)

// TIME… my re-exodus is that God would lead me into more effective and efficient uses of my time. I just feel like I am in bondage to procrastination and poor time management. I need God to lead me into freedom in this area of my life. -- some goals connected with this re-exodus; BLOG; post once a week on my blog. BOOK; finish the transcript for my first book. More BOOKS; I want to read more this next year. The list goes on and on…

// FINANCES… This goal is a reoccurring re-exodus, a.k.a. I didn’t quite make it last year. I want to get out of credit card debt and make it a priority to tithe on ever cent I make as well as give over and above my tithe. I don’t want to be in bondage to debt or desire. I want to be free from the pull money has on my life and I plan on following God into wide open fields where I can worship in freedom. Side note: I might not have fully succeeded in this re-exodus which I made last year but I do feel like I moved in the right direction, maybe not as fast as I had hoped but the right direction anyway. We’ll get there!

// PURITY… purity of heart and mind. I am seeking to follow God into freedom in this area of my life. I am getting married in this next year and just feel like I really want to be the person God created me to be for my future wife and this new relationship. I understand that getting married won’t solve all my “man issues” so in an increasing way I want to follow God into freedom in this area of my life! There are a few more on my re-exodus list but these are some on the top of my 08’ re-exodus list. Now share some of yours. Peace and freedom

/// SHAOM ~~Erik

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