Reflections from a camp…

It’s the week after camp and I am still thinking and reflecting. In the middle of what has been a couple of the hardest months of my life there was a camp, and that camp was amazing. I pretty sure God knew my circumstances and understood my heart and mind and because of many of these things I think God gave me some great affirmation that I am going the right way. Usually camp is fun, I can usually even sense God moving and working. And most of the time I even get to see him working, via alter calls and response times or conversations with campers and counselors. But because of my roll as the speaker guy I don’t get to fully experience a lot of the praying with campers, listening to them share their experiences and commitments. Counselors usually give me some updates here and there about kids who have decided to follow Jesus for the first or have made recommitments to do the same but really getting to see and hear the fruit of God’s work during the week is experienced much more by counselors and camp staff. But not this week… This week of camp was awesome! I had so many counselors approach me sharing with me their students commitments and then on Thursday night I just really felt lead to give students needing to make a first time commitment to follow Jesus some space to do just that. I’m not the kind of speaker guy to pressures people down front, who sing just as I am until every student is kneeling in the front. I have an understanding that the work God is doing at camp is more healthily teased out in conversations and one on one time with those building relationships with the students. But I really felt lead to open up this time for students needing to make first time commitments and after doing so I saw why. We had quite a few students (I don’t count) come forward and pray with their counselors who were available at the sides of our meeting space. Many more kids just came down front and prayed. Then once we opened it up for everybody it was extremely obvious that God was working! It was amazing!

There wasn’t a day during the week when I didn’t hear about a camper making a commitment to follow Jesus for the first time. I’m sure all this wasn’t for me but it sure did help to affirm recent decisions I have made and the calling I feel like God has placed on my life. It really was a great camp!

Beside all the amazing spiritual things that took place camp was also, like normal a great time! Ton of fun! Here are some pictures to prove! (I have some great pictures of my own but my camera cable is still in California, crap! So thanks Chris, these are some of yours!)


Grace and peace