Publication of piety…

Here are some thoughts that have been running around my little head for awhile, just thought I would get some input… So… i want to share my experience; when I fast, when I serve the homeless, when I tithe to a certain organization I really believe in, when I read the bible, preach a message, bla bla bla…

But the avenue of the blog begs the question, “am I bragging?” Am I publicizing my piety or lifting myself up or am I just sharing my experience as a short of public journal of my journey.

If I blog / on-line journal about my experience am I still not letting my right hand know what my left if doing? Am I sufficiently hiding my “piety” / my Christian practices / my faithfulness to what God is leading me into? Do I even need to try and hide my “piety”?

(PS: I hate the word piety. It has such negative connotations that I do not intend to give it and maybe aren’t inherently there. But yea, piety…)

Another PS.S. is the fact that I don’t hardly EVER fast, I NEVER actually help the homeless, tithing is hard but I do and giving beyond my tithe is even harder… I don’t list these things because I do them often I list them because I don’t do them often but I hope to do them often as I grow and find opportunity. My question is when and if I ever do these things that might be considered pious should I write about them. Should I share my experience our should I “in secret” do and keep it there.

Just something I thought about as I was thinking of ways I want to serve and follow Jesus.

Be Peace