Music Mondays 2.1 // curious...

For those of you who might be a bit curious about what's to come i will give you a hint...  Check out my VIRB account.

On my VIBR account, if you scroll to down to about the center of my profile you will see a few boxes that let you know what i am listening to. 

// PEOPLE I LIKE: If you click on this link it will take you to a page that shows my top artist, the one's i have listened to the most.  TOP 5: #1. Sufjan Stevens, #2. William Fitzsimmons, #3. Griffen House #4. Phil Wickham #5. Jon Foreman -- hint: next week)

// RECENT TUNES: This is the stuff i have been listening to today. Can you say DAVE BARNES!   

// REPEAT: These are the songs i have been listening to the most recently. Some Sailor Sequence, Paper Route & Jon Forman make up the top of this list. 

// TOP FIVE FAVORITE ALBUMS OF RIGHT NOW This category is pretty self explanatory and pretty much the same as my favorite songs with the addition of some Iron & Wine (LOVE ME SOME SAMMY). 

So there is some extra music info. I hope you check out my VIRB, it's pretty sweet! And i hope you check out some of my musical favorites. You won't be sorry. 

And like i said, i will feature a lot of these tunes so say "TUNED" for next weeks music monday.  (Sorry for the pun! i know, it was pretty bad! Forgive me.)