Music Monday 1.0 // Willy Fitz

Well I thought I would start my music Monday with the aforementioned artist William Fitzsimmons or as my friends and I like to call him, Willy Fitz.

william fitzsimmons

I think William Fitzsimons is getting a bit more popular these days but if you haven’t heard of him you really need to check out his stuff. It's acoustic folk / rock with a bit of electronica mixed in. It's awesomeness is what it is, he's probably one of my favorite artist right now. 

My Willy Fitz story dates back to my pre California days. I was out in California visiting my fiancé (now wife) and a couple guys I knew were going to a show in L.A. so I tagged along. They were raving about this guy, William Fitzsimmons, well he lived up to all the hype, the show was incredible! There were only like 30 - 35 people at the venue (The Hotel Café). It was cool cause half the crowd was people I watch on TV and movies, most notably Zach Braff.  I think we all enjoyed the show!

#2 interesting fact was that the guy who shot the picture above and a couple other shots on his VIRB and myspace also did my photography. Small world...  The photographer is Caleb Kuhl, a kid who used to live out here in Cali and he worked with my wife. 

So yea, if you haven’t already you need to check out William Fitzsimmons. Here are some links for your listening pleasure…



And here is a really sweet video of one of my favorite Willy Fitz songs, Passion Play