Finishing a very long study…

I am aiming to finish up a study that has lasted for the better part of 2 years (off and on of course). The study has been on the prayer of Jesus, we refer to it as The Lord’s Prayer, your probably familiar with it. I have read a dozen books or more, I have read and more importantly prayed the prayer hundreds of times, I have also thought a ton about what we as people who follow Jesus in praying these words are being called to do and what we are being formed into. It really has been a very productive journey & study in my own life. And most likely if I have preached a revival or an energy week at your church, or have been with you for a camp or retreat in the last year or so you have come along for a portion of this journey.

Well it’s coming to a end.

I have 3 more books I am planning on reading and a bit more study on some of the language of this prayer. But sooner than later I am planning on finishing up this study and hopefully am going to put together some helpful resources; audio, book / study guide, maybe even some video teaching (if I can find the right people to help me). But I am excited about finishing up this study and sharing my journey in some of these ways with you.

The 3 books I have left to read are; (amazon links () if your interested) #1 is a book by Karl Bart simply entitled, Prayer. I’m currently reading this one. (Prayer; Karl Barth) #2 is a book on the patristic perspectives on the Lords Prayer. (Tertullian, Cyprian & Origen on the Lord’s Prayer) #3 is a book on the perspectives of the Lords prayers from different traditions. (The Lord’s Prayer; a text in tradition)

If you have any insight on this prayer I would love to hear or if you have any suggestions I would be up for another read or two before I finally conclude my study, so let me know.

Looking forward to sharing my journey!

Grace and peace Erik