An amazing show…

I go to a church here in North County California called North Coast Calvary Chapel, you might of guessed… It’s a Calvary Chapel church. It’s a great church, with great people, and a great teaching pastor. Mark Foreman is the teaching pastor, and like at all Calvary Chapels he goes verse by verse through the bible. Most of the time I really appreciate that. Over all it’s a very solid church community and my wife and I have attended there for the last 2 years or so. Me, the last year since I have only lived in California for a year. Well the church just moved into a new building. VERY NICE! Maybe too nice but when you are running 2000+ and probably got a bit of money behind you I guess you can do that.

Last night they had a benefit concert at the new building. Benefit concerts are all the rave these days and often they do very cool things. To be honest I don’t know what the show last night benefited, I was just helping out. I think it was just kinda of to promote the ne church but I am not sure. But the show was amazing!!!

There were two bands that opened up the night, I know don’t who they were and it really doesn’t matter. THEN there was This Holiday Life, I was pretty bummed because I actually didn’t get to see their set, I was helping out by manning the t-shirt table. These guys are really really good though, you should check out their stuff for sure!

But I was relieved of my post just in time to see Switchfoot play, they headlined the show and they were amazing. When the pastor of your church is the father of 2 people in the band you get to have then play at benefit concerts at your church, nice little perk! But they did an acoustic set and it really was amazing. I, once again was blown away by their lyrics, the thought and the hope they fill their listener with. SO FREAKEN GOOD!

BUT my highlight was when Jon Foreman came out and did the encore by himself. I was kind of hoping he would do some of his own stuff that night but he didn’t, at least not until the encore. For the encore he did a song entitled “your love is strong”. It rips my face off every time I listen to it. You have to, have to, have to go buy his 4 little ep’s, they are pretty amazing. Your love is strong is on the sping EP and is worth the purchase of all four just for the one song.

So yea, it was a great show. Had a great time! (but it sure does make me miss live music in Nashville!)

Be Peace (“you have one life left to live” Jon Foreman)