The waters of life...

In the scriptures water represents chaos from the very beginning of our story and then throughout the story when water breaks back in the chaos resumes. It’s the hand and breadth of God that seemingly keeps the chaos at bay. But it seems that sometime it breaks in anyways…

These days I live a few blocks from the Ocean, the biggest body of water we can fathom. And when I look at that water I see power, I see an expanse that I can’t really even get my mind around. It seems that every time I look into the water I picture this great wave sweeping in from the horizon and just wiping out everything I know. Morbid I know, but I can’t help but to think about the power and potential for unabated destruction every time I look out at the ocean.

In one moment I sit and play, even swim out a ways as if I was in control. But I realize she could turn the wrong way, suck me in and end my insignificant little life at any moment. Chaos is always a drop away when you look into and play with the ocean.

The interesting thing is if you were to sail into the ocean, so far that you couldn’t see land in any direction, you just kept sailing straight, into the abyss, into the chaos, eventually you would wind up on the other side, you would hit dry land once again.

This is something I need to remember these days as I find myself stuck in the chaos of life, consumed, water all around me, no dry land to be found. If I keep my course, follow the right light there will be land on the other side. This is promised to me in the pages of scripture. Right?

You see we all play in chaos everyday. We put our feet in the water, some of us even go surfing and get a rush from our adventure into the chaos, into that which we really can’t control but can only quasi predict from time to time. We get an adrenalin rush when we find ourselves playing in the chaos. And maybe it’s a good thing, even a necessary thing to play in the water from time to time. But sometimes we can get sucked in, the rip tide pulls us into the deep water, the chaos gets so thick we can’t even see dry land. It’s in these times, REMEMBER, keep your eyes on the right light, stay your course and you will wide up on dry land once again.

Words I need to remember.