The age old debate // Read or listen…

Maybe not age old but my friend (Brad Goode // check out his blog) Brad and I have this debate, it goes like this;

Question: if you listen to an audio book can you say, “I read that book”?

Brad // YES! Whether you have heard the words or looked at the words makes no difference. If someone asks, “Have you read that book?” you can say yes.

Erik // NO! If someone asks “have you read that book?” and you have not actually read it you have to say, “no, I have not read that book but I did LISTEN to it.”

So there is the debate, what do you think? What is your philosophical opinion on this life or death question? ;-)

I ask & think about this question because yesterday I began to LISTEN to the Chronicles of Narnia via audio book. My in-laws got the whole Chronicles for me as a birthday present.


My first listen was The Magicians Nephew. Not actually the first book written but chronologically it’s the first book in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to LISTENING to the read the series by C.S. Lewis.

So yea, what do you think… can you listen and still say that you have read this or that book? I am interested in your take, do tell!