Erwin Raphael McManus // Wide Awake

Well last week I was able to go up to LA with my wife. Andrea (that’s my wife) works for a magazine, Outreach Magazine, and she is the best editor / writer on the block! But she was assigned an deal-e-O where she got to interview Erwin McManus about his new book coming out, Wide Awake. I was lucky enough to get to tag along and hang out for the afternoon. It was a couple hours of a photo shoot for the magazine cover, we got to each lunch with Erwin and his publicist and then the interview.

Overall Erwin is a rock star! He was dressed in Diesel form head to toe, wore a cool hat, and rocker glasses for the photo shoot. But beyond the wardrobe (which was really cool but WAY to expensive for my conscience) I was super impressed with Erwin. He seemed to be a extremely cool, down to earth guy. And in talking to him you just realize he has a great perspective on a life lived after Jesus. At least that was my perspective after getting to hangout with him for a few.

The interview was really good. I was told (by my wife / outreach editor) that I can’t really say much about that because the content belongs to the magazine. So yea, be looking out for the Outreach mag with Erwin on the cover. My wife is so cool!!!  She did an amazing job with the interview and my guess is that the article will be stellar!

But yea, it was cool and I would highly recommend the new book coming out, Wide Awake. Erwin has a great perspective and is super encouraging. I think we would all benefit to be as hopeful, as innovative, and as much of a dreamer as he is.

Check it out!

You can pre-order the book here!


And you can see some of the DVD action that is gonna be put out with the book here (youtube) (also below).
I was able to watch some of the video and it’s really good.