Waking up to burning rubber…

Often times I wake up and my mind immediately begins to turn with the million and one things I need to do and people I need to contact and blogs I want to write.
Sometimes times it’s really hard to just get centered // to get focused in on God.

I really am wanting my life to flow from my relationship with “our father” and this isn’t an easy reality to achieve. We all have big “to do” lists and even bigger “wish we could do” lists. But a life that flow from closeness with God will never happen if I / we don’t order our lives in ways that gives it space to happen. I want to ask that to myself often, is my life looking like a life that wants to be close to God or do I just talk about it….

Over this past year I have been studying, preaching and thinking a ton about the Lord’s prayer. It’s a group of messages I just can’t seem to get away from because it has been so valuable in my own life and seemingly in the lives of those I have been able to share it with. Jesus starts off the prayer with “Our father”. Everything should start with “Our father”.

Since the beginning God has wanted to be tight with us, I just wonder if we want to be tight with him? Do our lives reflect that desire if it’s there?

I’m pretty busy these days with life, school, ministry… bla bla bla… but I want my life to look like one that actually prays this prayer and doesn’t just say it!