Seminary = cemetery

Nts_2 Often there is a joke, people “accidentally” call seminary, cemetery. The joke revolves around the idea that seminary and all the learning / training for ministry can suck the passion for that same ministry out of the minister. This can be true, I know a handful of guys who have been “trained” or “learned” out of the ministry.

I am not calling seminary, cemetery for this reason.

My reason for this “Freudian slip” is that I feel absolutely buried. I haven’t taken a grad class in a few years and being back in school is pretty weird and hard in and of itself but then there is the work.

(side note: I am taking a one week intensive module class. This is important because there is a lot of work to do during this type of course. I have taken a graduate level module before, I understand this.)

We are being asked to read around 300 pages of material per night (a little more last night and a little less tonight). And we have already read 2 books and written two papers. This was due before the class even started. I honestly don’t feel that I am capable of this work. I am not sure it is possible for me to really read 300 pages in one night after having sat in class for 6 hours.

I am buried!

So yea, I feel really overwhelmed. And of course ask the question, WHY am in doing seminary. I could finish my M.A.R. in a year or so and be done but no I am going for a M.Div. and I am not sure why. I am doing my best to keep up and read enough to engage in class but it’s really hard.

LIFE! I guess I will just push through, see if I can pass this stupid class and more importantly, learn something valuable in the process.

Back to reading.
And more reading…