I'm finally back...

Well circumstances have kinda kept me from writing much lately...

First, i just got married about a month ago! I am doing a lot of adjusting, growing, thinking, did i mention adjusting!  I am sure that there will be plenty of posts to come on my new marital insights, not that the insights will be any good but hopefully it will raise some question that you old pro's can help me out with!
*** and yes! i will be posting some pictures from the wedding soon! I am stoked to do that, we got some great shots!

I also haven't been writing much just cause i have been busy! Like everybody right... 
i am getting ready for my summer. That means i am preparing about 15 messages to preach over the next few months. I am also starting to take some seminary classes... not sure how smart that is these days but we will figure that out. And did i mention that i just got married! SO yea, i just need to set aside some more time to write // blog. I enjoy it, it's  a great outlet and it helps to me think through things that are going on in my life. especially when i get some good feedback from the readers... that's you!

But for the most part i have not been writing much cause i hit a really hard / crazy week and a half of life.
I had some events transpire that were really hard in my life and ministry. Just really crazy, crappy kinds of things. A lot was in question and bla bla bla... i'm not really feeling brave enough to talk about it here but just know that life was and still is a bit crazy for me and i could use your prayers. Thanks!

But anyway, i am back and continuing my commitment to blog AT LEAST once a week!

I have been getting some good hits on my blog so hopefully you'll keep coming back!

Until then

Grace and peace