I need some help // The Resistance

I have this initiative that I am gearing up for entitled “The Resistance”. I will explain more later concerning the details and all that jazz but for now I need your help with a manifesto of sorts.

This is the paragraph I am wanting to use, it needs to be poignant, power packed, subversive, creative... Yada yada. Any other cool term you can think of for awesome!

It's kinda suppose to be a manifesto of sorts for "the resistance."

You can add/ take away / change, what ever you want to do. But help a brother out, give me some ideas.

You can either e-mail me your ideas / changes (erik@erikwillits.com)
You can just post it with a comment.

Thanks my friends!

“The Resistance”

Dropped in a world that is growing in one direction WE ARE the weeds emerging through the cracks of this world. We are the kinks in the cogs of the machine we call culture. We are the voice crying out in the wilderness that there is another way. We might look like the weeds in this world, the kinks in the cogs, or the wanderers in a dry land but WE ARE the fresh reign pouring onto this dry land. WE ARE a subversive system being birthed in the machine. We are not weeds but WE ARE a beautiful flower breaking through the cracks, showing the world how to truly live, carrying the gospel as an idol shattering anti-power… WE ARE the resistance.