Class is over // a couple things // & a hilarious highlight...

Class is over // a couple things // & a hilarious highlight...

Well my class is over, at least the in-class section is over. I still have 2 papers to write and some more reading to do for those papers. But the craziness of this week is over! Praise the Lord!!! I added up the pages, it added up to 788 pages of reading we were assigned this week (that might not be exactly right but it’s close. It could be a bit more or a bit less). That doesn’t include the 2 books we were assigned before class started. It was brutal. To be honest I didn’t get all the reading done, but I did my best. Now I just need to get the rest of the work done on time. It’s shouldn’t be to hard.


Well the high light was probably Lois Barrett. She was the author / editor of one of our books. She is a Mennonite and teaches at a Mennonite seminary.  I might of liked her because she was a student of John Howard Yoder, one of my favorite authors. But she was a very nice lady and had some great things to say. We had a presenter everyday and she was my favorite. Of course Henry Spaulding was the funniest and lead a great conversation as well but I really liked Lois.

But the real highlight came today!!!
(is was absolutely hilarious // disclaimer, kids “ear muffs” this is kinda for adults only)

Our professor was talking about organizations like the church and was explaining something about the structure of these organizations. In talking about these organizations he was also talking about the idea that they are an organism as well, or something like that. He went to say sometime about this and wanted to use the word, “organismic”. Microsoft word doesn’t seem to think it’s a word but he was using it in reference to movement of an organism or something like that.

INSTEAD of saying this word he was trying to use, “organismic” he used this word (ear muffs) -- “orgasmic”.

I’m not going to explain that word but I will say this, it was the funniest slip I have ever heard in a class room! To say the least he was red in the face.

It was a pretty good class. I am actually looking forward to the one project where I will be talking about missional theology in conversation with the role of the itinerate evangelist. Should be an interesting project.

Using my words carefully…