Some reading goals...

To be honest i have been kinda slacking on my reading since i finish The Year of Living Biblically and Simply Christian (and yea i know, i also slacked on letting you know what i thought of those books... i still might do that sooner or later)

Right now i have a goal. I have started reading 3 books and my goal is to finish them by the time of leave for my honeymoon next Monday. Now 2 of the three i have over half way done and the third is a book that i only really need to read the introduction to. It's a LONG introduction but that's all i really need to make it through.

#1. Is this book by John Howard Yoder; The Original Revolution. I kinda bought it to read the first section which is a bunch of essays on biblical perspectives on Christian Pacifism. I finish that and it was really good! The last section is on ecumenical perspectives and i am working my way through it, it's just taking me forever!

We'll get there. Hopefully this week.

#2. A Longing for Holiness is a book which is a bunch of short ditties from the works of John Wesley. I have been reading it when i am on the air plane and other random times. But i am hoping to finish it this week. I have like 20 pages left, shouldn't be to hard.

i've been reading this and it has created tension in my brain. As much as i love and respect Wesley, even consider myself "Wesleyan" i have been having a hard time with everything this old timer says. it just seems like really really spiritual people live in another world that is free of the problems & hardships that i experience in this one.

"A methodist is one who is always happy in God, yea, always happy, as having in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life, and overflowing their souls with peace and joy."

That that sounds good John but really? I understand joy and finding it in the midst of tragedy but ALWAYS? What about the laments of God's people. it's seems like their is a time for that in the life of a Jesus follower. At least i think so.

A_jesus #3. JESUS CHRIST: The Gospels, This is actually a book that simply contains the four gospels (NRSV). And i must admit i didn't exactly know that when i bought the book. I just noticed the author, Terry Eagleton and the name of the book series, Revolutions. Terry Eagleton is not a Christian at least i don't think so, but he is REALLY smart and in this intro asks the question, "Was Jesus a revolutionary?" This intrigued me so i decided to buy the book. So far the intro by Eagleton is a very secular perspective on the life and teachings of Jesus and the collection we call the gospels. But it's interesting reading this from such a different perspective. He hasn't answered the question yet but when he does i'll let you know what he says, if he thinks Jesus really was a revolutionary. 

So yea, those are my books that i WILL finish by next Monday. Wish me luck!