HOLY CRAP... i'm getting married!

so yea, I'm heading into the city right now (the city of Chicago). I'm on my way to get married! Yea I have a couple days until the actual ceremony but I fee llike this train ride into the city is giving it all time to sink in, to become REAL! I'm also about how much I love my iPhone and how effective my life would be if I had an hour train ride everyday with my iPhone in hand. I LOVE MY iPhone!!! But thats a post for another day, a really long post!

Right now my mind a fairly consumed with the fact that in getting married in like 70 hrs.

Its one of those sureal moments. Its like its all become more and more real as the train approaches the city and the building get bigger and bigger out the window. But at the same time I keep wanting to ask myself if this is for real. I almost feel like I'm just meeting up with my buddies to party in Chicago but they are all here for a wedding, the crazy thing is that its my wedding!

So I breath, a great big breath and remember that I am marrying an amazing, beautiful, Jesus following women who loves me for who I am!

I just thought that this train ride is kinda symbolic. Its almost like I have been waiting to arrive at this place for most of my life. The place of love, acceptace... A place of trust and goodness... A stop is marriage and I think as scared as I have been to arrive here, and as non-commital as I have been about getting on this "train" this could be one of the greatest trips of my life!

More than anything I am excited! Sunday & marriage are just around the corner!

Riding the train // Erik

PS: this has to be like the longest iPhone post ever. So dont mind my spelling! Its the phones fault!