Some music to check out…

I’ve got a few things for you to check out, I have been listening to a lot of new tunes lately, some VERY noteworthy and others not so much but I’ll let you know about all of them. 1st -- This Holiday Life

These guys get top billing because they are friends of mine and they are on tour right now. Their stuff is really good , upbeat rock - pop music. Most definitely worthy of a listen. This past Wednesday I went to their CD release party down in San Diego (they are a local SD band) and it was a great show, REALLY long (like 6 bands played “opener”) but really good. I even picked up their new CD at the show  (The Beginning of the End of the World) and it’s very solid!

So yea, you should not only pick up their CD but make sure you check out their tours dates and catch em’ if you can! It’s would be well worth your time!

#2.  eMusic

Maybe I am the last one to jump on the eMusic band wagon but it’s seems to be a pretty solid service so far. They lack the large main stream popular music selection of iTunes but they make up for it with their cheap price tag. If you sign up you get 50 free downloads, WORTH IT! Plus the 30 you get every month for $9.99. I might cancel after a couple months just because there selection isn’t huge but for now I’m in.

Here are the tunes I have downloaded so far. And a few words… Of course

#1. Arcade Fire / Neon Bible This album by the band Arcade Fire is probably one of my favorite albums so far. It a little different, melodic rock but really good. The song neon bible is pretty trippy but again, I like it. Listen to it and let me know what you think.

#2. The National /Boxer This album was voted by Paste Magazine as the best album of the year (07’). I honestly haven’t really gotten into it. It’s solid just not great, I probably just need t listen to it. Maybe i will recant my not great comment... we shall see / listen.

#3. Iron & Wine & Calexico / In the Reins I am a huge Iron & Wine fan. I have never really heard of Calexico but if Sam (a.k.a. Iron & Wine) decided to team up with another group my guess is that it’s going to be good. And I was right, it’s a bit different at parts but still the solid melodic, easy listening tuneage that you would expect from Iron & Wine, Love it.

#4. Ingrid Michaelson / Girls and Boys Ingrid is a female artist that i had heard about a while back when I went to a William Fitzsimmons concert. Willy Fitz ( a absolute must listen to if you haven’t already) mentioned Ingrid during his performance at the Hotel Café in LA. He is good friends with her and said that we all needed to run out and buy her CD. Well I didn’t but then came eMusic… I ran across it on eMusic and it is a really good CD. Not amazing but really good, catchy female rock. I feel like it’s a popular genre right now and she fits into it well and does a great job. It’s worth a listen.

#5 - but could be #1. Paul Christianson / Live at Shubas Ok, Paul Christianson is a dude I have been listening to for a long time. I probably shouldn’t confess this but my ex-girlfriend introduced me to Paul like 5+ years ago and I have LOVED his tunes ever since but haven’t been able to find out ANYTHING about him. I even asked around Nashville, tried to use some of my music connections to find out about him but all I found out is that he went back to school and gave up the music biz or something like that. SUCK!  And then there was eMusic!!! Actually I was once again looking for some of Paul’s tunes which is what lead me to eMusic. They recorded a live show of his at Schubas in Chicago, I downloaded it and have been playing it quite a bit ever since! It’s a blue grass, pop, singer song writer kinda feel. It’s really good! Check it out!

#6. Over the Rhine / The Trumpet Child I have been listening to Over the Rhine since college, have been to a few of their shows, they are always really good! This is their new album and I haven’t listened to it a ton yet but so far so good. Worth the listen for sure.

#7. David Mead / Wherever you are This is David Mead’s first EP. I am a big fan. I would buy him album Indiana first if you are looking to listen to David for the first time, his song "buckets of girls" is great. This little EP is solid, you can tell it’s his early stuff but good non the less.

#8. Sufjan Stevens /Seven Swans I LOVE Sufjan Stevens, his album IL might be one of my all time favorite albums, I listen to it quite a bit. I had hear that his album seven swans was even better, it’s not. It’s solid but not great. I’m glad I bought it cause I really really like him but I will probably will stiff listen to IL on repeat.

Well, I think that is enough music to download onto you for now. I have also bought a few albums on iTunes; the new Robbie Sea Band, The Newest Iron & Wine, Josh Rouse; I’m American She’s Spanish among others. Check em’ all out if you want HOURS of good listening. Let me know what you like.

Peace and music ~~Erik