Death by taxes...

They only say something about death and taxes, something like they are the only things you can count on. WHATEVER!  I think it should by death by taxes, self explanatory!

i am trying to get all my tax crap together so that i can send it to my people (and no, i don't use H&R Block -- i've got real people not green squares).

In the process i have learned to interesting facts...

#1. I was on the road 120 days solid this year. So four month of my life this past year were spent either driving, speaking, or something in between. Good times eh'.  That's 13 days more than last year.

#2. I get to claim $12,577.22 in travel expenses. Between mileage and gas that's what i get to write off. That just means i have traveled entirely to much / to far. But i'd do it again. Oh wait, i am doing it again!

So yea, there are my interesting tax facts or something.


PS: i might write another blog once i know how much i will have to pay. It will be the official death by taxes blog, and it will be emotional, i will be in tear, sure of it.