My most recent movie // ni9es…

Yea, I watch A LOT of movies!  I throughly enjoy movie watching, that’s a fact. At some point I’m going to have an entire section of my blog devoted to my movie and music experiences, not that anybody cares but I enjoy sharing.

Anyway, my most recently viewed movie was a little flick called “Nines”. It has Ryan Reynolds in it along with a hand full of other people, most of you probably wouldn’t notice -- i didn't.

A_thenines I want to tell you to watch it despite a few shady scenes (nothing to visual graphic but not the most “church” worthly either, just a disclaimer.) But for a mature audience this would be a great flick to watch together and then have some spiritual conversations. YES!!! This film will evoke some hard core spiritual conversation.

(by the way, the picture and little movie tag line are very deceptive. This is not a scary movie AT ALL. No one dies, at least not really. It is a spiritually thought provoking movie, it really it.)

So yea, I don’t feel like I can tell you to much because if you are actually going to go rent it I don’t want to give anything away…  BUT I will tell you this, it’s worth the view if you can look past the seemingly random nature (initially) and the few awkward moments… if you can watch the movie in it’s entirety I think it will be thought provoking and enjoyable. I enjoyed it but I kinda like weird flicks.

Let me know if you see, I would love to hear what you think.


“Hear O’ Israel, the Lord our God the Lord is One…”
-- that’s what I believe!