Christians are rewriting history...

Our name has been mud for quite a while and unfortunately it’s deservedly so. Christians have done a lot to muddy the name of Christ and his followers. A recent slew of atheist / anti-Christian books would more then back up this fact. We also have quite a bit of Christian history to help; i.e. the crusades, Pat Robinson, Jimmy Baker… the list goes on and on and on… and on.

The tide is turning.

My fiancé and her friend Jeanie…
(they blog here… they are good! Real writers!)
…they send me links and articles periodically (Jeanie via Andrea) and most of the time they are very interesting. They send me all kinds of stuff but today I received an article from the New York Times that was written about the perception of the evangelical Christian name.

I could say A LOT but instead I will just let you read the article. It’s really short and very encouraging. At least it was encouraging to me, a “Christian” who hides the face from time to time because of our reputation but maybe that’s changing, I hope so!

Here’s the link, check it out.

Evangelicals a Liberal Can Love
(The New York Time)



Be Peace