Bloging about blogging…

Well, as usual I have about a dozen things from this past week to post on -- trips I’ve taken, dates I’ve been on, books I’ve read, thoughts I’ve had, and of course things to vent about.

Bloging: however, I always wonder how much is to much. Please, if your one of the two people who read this blog, or Brad who might read this cause of his google reader, answer me this question, how much is to much when it comes to blogging? Should a blogger post daily? Should they post every other day, once or twice a week or even multiple time a day if your feeling inspired, board or something… it’s always a question I wonder about. What do you think?

Anyway, this week I have two books I would like to blog about / review. Andrea and I took a amazing trip / date to LA, we went to the Getty museum and I’ll tell you all about that, very cool. I also have some upcoming events going down that I want rant about…  all coming this week!

Happy blogging / blog reading